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Real Time Budgivning (RTB) og Media Trading

Real Time Bidding (RTB) and Media Trading is an ever-evolving marketing channel. RTB is one of Displays buying habits in an auction system. It is a real revolution in the online buying market. The number of available premium web pages is growing, along with the quality of ATF placement. Thanks to RTB, we are able to directly target your main audience across all devices for a maximised ROI.Among the possible options, we can activate the “retargeting” or “remarketing”.

Brands can choose which banner they want to buy and optimise their campaigns with super-precise criteria – according to their acquisition cost objectives, or to their visibility on refined targets. For each banner, you propose a purchasing price. The advertising banner is bought in real time at the best price when the user’s browser is calling the page. Adexchanges is a technology allowing each client to optimise its campaigns by purchasing them by auction according to predefined criteria (generally at the acquisition cost). It allows you to directly buy a qualified audience. Instead of targeting a large population, the banners are only displayed to identify internet users: either due to the website they are watching and its transformation history, or from an external data which considerably raise the conversion rate. It is now possible to display a banner just for internet users who have searched for a precise destination on a travelling website, or who are looking for a car or a mobile phone operator, etc.

NetBooster was among Google and Yahoo RMX’s first partners in Europe, and we are working closely with the editors to optimize the available inventories. We have privileged agreements with data suppliers, which allow us to precisely target very specific populations. We are able to build adequate population segments that we will target exclusively with custom-made and coherent banners.

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